Nantah Ensom ~ A Way Forward! ​​​
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​My purpose is to assist people to embrace their life purpose and move forward.
To develop personal and professional skills to assist their success
in life and pass it forward! 

How I can help you with a way forward  

Life Path Readings  

I am able to give you insights, choices, new perspectives and solutions while discovering your life path. If you are confused and lost then a reading providing solutions will improve your confidence and courage to take action in life.Whatever is most important for you is what the focus will be in your session​  For Details ~Click Here

Theta Healing ®

ThetaHealing is a powerful technique that will identify limiting beliefs, dissolve deeply long held blocks and instantly replaces negative programming. Change any area of your life e.g. love, finances, health, career or sport to achieve your hopes, dreams and desires. Open the doors to the life you long for now. What are you waiting for? Suitable for teens to adults. 
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Body Mind Resolution Healing ®

It's all about love!   The goal of this unique one on one program is to reconnect you with your authentic self and empower you to follow your heart, be less fearful of life and achieve your goals with courage and love as your self-esteem, confidence and self-belief are re-established. Suitbale for teens to adults. Living from your heart!  ​  
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Systemic Pathways Clearing®
This healing clears ten of the physical systems of the body to enable free flow of nutrition, oxygen, blood and energy to create optimal health and well being.  This energy healing is suitable for all ages and for those with heart conditions and all physical conditions.   Suitable for all ages from birth. One hour session $100.00
Not sure what you need? 

Book a session with me and allow me to find the cause of the challenges you are facing in life  Next I can offer you a fast and effective solution and follow it through with what is best for you to help you move forward in a positive way! 
Nantah's Spiritual School ®

As a mentor, my passion to facilitate your study and develop your professional skills, shines through in my three one of a kind international online courses available. 
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 My life was changed in 2011 when I was lucky enough to have her cross my path. Nantah's amazing gifts, knowledge, incredible insights and love have helped me grow and develop myself as a person, enabling me to thrive and grow in all the right ways in order for me to deal with my journey.  

The Nantah experience can only be described as life changing. From a place of safety and purity, you are assisted along your learning journey (and lets face it, that's what this life is about) with love and amazing support. As each of our journeys are very different, Nantah has the ability to guide you through whatever problem you are facing in the best way possible for you as an individual to learn and grow.

Nantah's ability to see what it is you are meant to realise or learn, means she is able to guide you
accurately through that and help you reach the other side, a more grounded and well balanced person.  Nantah can also teach you to recognise those signs and hints that we are all given to make better choices along our path which, if listened to properly, can guide us productively and safely through our life. 

No better place you can be than in Nantah's hands, to realise your best potential and happily strive
through this journey we call life. God bless, 

Dominique,   Sydney Australia​   2015

Mind Body Spirit Festival 

International Convention Centre, Darling Harbour, Sydney
May 24th to 27th Inclusive
10 am to 7 pm daily Thursday to Saturday.  10am to 6 pm Sunday.

Free Entry tickets available online @  Click Here for direct link.

Enjoy a  Life Path reading with me on Stand A39
Show Special ~25 minutes $60.00
Bookings being taken now! 

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