Nantah Ensom ~ A Way Forward! ​​​
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Nantah writes non-fiction spiritual books. 
To inpsire, educate & support you! 

  1. Infinite Soul Healing
    Infinite Soul Healing
    This healing is a gift from the Creator to assist those on earth, who are ready to go deeper into their soul evolution clearing the way to accepting the self as unconditional love. Forgiving unreservedly and loving unconditionally are the ultimate goals.
  2. When Spirit Stepped In
    When Spirit Stepped In
    This is the true story of Nantah's spiritual awakening. Nantah experienced miraculous healings, crossed over lost souls, cleared haunted houses and visited heaven. Nantah has experiences will leave you amazed. Join her on this incredible journey.
  3. BMR Healing
    BMR Healing
    Pioneered by Nantah in June 2011 this powerful wholistic healing programme is transforming lives positively and profoundly. True life transformation awaits you when you are ready!
  4. On Wings of Love
    On Wings of Love
    "I am the Angel of the Lord", he announced loudly to me as his energy overwhelmed me. From that first introduction I knew he was a force to be reckoned with as he came to be my new guide.

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April 2018

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