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Embracing change to succeed personally and professionally

Body Mind Resolution Healing ®

ThetaHealing ®

Body Mind Resolution Healing is combining sacred energy healing, self-empowerment mentoring, belief changing and is a one of a kind program. It's about re-establishing the natural state of self-love!

Lives are being profoundly and positively transformed as a deeper perspective of yourself as your true essence, life purpose and direction is fully realised.

There are belief systems that you are not aware of that influence your current life e.g. past lives, soul memory, DNA as well as your everyday core belief level. 

You are guided safely and supportively back to your natural state of self love, to step out into the world and share your talents and abilities with confidence and true belief in yourself. 

This 6 session personalised one on one programme heals the effects of all your negative experiences, thoughts and beliefs that are holding you back from enjoying the life you were born to live. So much more than you could imagine is included in this powerful, unique programme. 

Invest in yourself and enquire about this amazing healing programme pioneered by Nantah.

Personalised Teenage and Adult programmes available. 
ThetaHealing is a powerful technique that will identify limiting beliefs, dissolve deeply long held blocks and instantly replaces negative programming.

Change any area of your life e.g. love, finances, health, career or sport to achieve your hopes, dreams and desires. Open the doors to a successful life now. 

Your thoughts and experiences create your beliefs which you then build your life around. Many of these thoughts and beliefs are negative, old and outdated. Sometimes you don't know where they came from. 

With ThetaHealing all four belief sytems are healed simutaneously. The results are instant and are felt immediately.  A ThetaHealing session of 1.5 hours provides fast resolutions to your unresolved problems.

Ideal for teens to adults
If you are unable to attend an in~person session, or live remotely, Thetahealing is able to be conducted over the phone or via  Skype. The outcome of these sessions is exactly the same as if you were in person.  

Session fee: 1.5 hours $180.00       
Discount package on your first three sessions
over 6 weeks. 
If you are unable to attend an in~person session, or live remotely, Body Mind Resolution Healing is able to be conducted over the phone or via  Skype. The outcome of these sessions is exactly the same as if you were in person.

This 6  x 2 hour sessions programme is amazing value at $850.00.   Payment plans available. 

Nantah's Qualifications;
Theta Healer, Reiki Master-Teacher,  Clinical Hypnotherapist,  Thought Field Therapist, Homeobotanical Pracitioner,

Herbal Essence Practitioner, Holistic Pulsing Practitioner,  Mindfulness Meditation Facilitator for Health & Peak Performance

Pioneer & Mentor of; 
Body Mind Resolution Healing Programme, Systemic Pathways Clearing Healing Sessions and Course,  ​          
Essential Practises for Light Workers Course 


Nantah and her Body Mind Resolution Healing program have dramatically improved my quality of life. I was a little sceptical initially that it would work with me being on the other side of the world, but I'm pleased to report my concerns were unfounded.

Nantah's ability to find and change negative, self-sabotaging thoughts, beliefs and habits is impressive. I now feel I have the tools and strength to live a more fulfilling and positive life.
I have been so grateful for Nantah for always being there to offer support, guidance and unconditional love.

She's a very special person with a very special gift and I don’t hesitate to recommend this program.
​Anna, UK 

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your teaching, support and understanding in guiding me to the completion of the Body Mind Resolution Healing Sessions.
The healing provided me with a clean slate, emotionally, physically and spiritually and assisted me to find a real awakening within myself to my deep feelings and provided opportunities to let go of the past.
Although I have had counseling previously, I never found that I felt better for it; in fact, the dredging up of old sad feelings only made it worse. I can now view these things dispassionately and with love for those that may have seemed to hurt me in the past.
Finding the path is the hard part but Body Mind Resolution Healing has not only shown me the path but also given me a direction and the tools to continue. I really view things differently now and I would like to thank you for this new beginning.
John,   Sydney

  The healing journey with Nantah has been amazing.​​ I was recommended to her by some friends and the Body Mind Resolution healing sounded really interesting so I thought I would give it a go. It surpassed my expectations and has made me more aware of myself and the thoughts that have been creating my reality. ​​
But more importantly than that the healing session has connected me with my heart and my own inner wisdom. This has given me such pleasure to speak to and hear my inner self/heart and to start following her directions rather than my fear based mind. 
I wholeheartedly recommend the Body Mind Resolution healing sessions provided through Nantah. The healing is amazing and Nantah is kind, lovely and giving. She is a wonderful person to have on the journey to learning to love and accept yourself again.

Julie,  London UK  2015

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