​  Have you been experiencing  unexplained things happening
in your home or business?

Your home is your safe haven. A place where you can arrive to relax and unwind after your hectic day, reconnect with family, refuel and recharge ready for the next day. You should never feel unsafe, frightened or uncomfortable in your home. If you do for some unexplained reason, then there is something out of the ordinary occurring.

Through my personal and professional experiences, I know that places and people can be haunted. I also know that this happens because of the past history of the land on which a home or business is built. The past history of those who have owned and occupied the home also has a lingering effect as their energy is left behind well after they leave. If the life of the previous owners was not a happy one then the negative energy they emitted will be left behind. This has a great influence on everyone who now lives in the home.
Not all hauntings are sinister but they defintely carry a negative energy and influence.

It is all about the energy. Energy can never be destroyed or created only changed or transmuted. We are Spiritual Beings having a human life to learn and grow. We are created from divine energy and therefore everywhere we go we leave our personal energetic blueprint. Everything we touch is also imprinted with our personal energetic blueprint. Every human that occupies a home will leave their unique energetic blueprint. Every event throughout the history of the earth has left an energetic blueprint. This usually has never been dealt with by clearing and blessing the lands. 

If you feel that there is something negative in your home or business then the signs of this are:
* Feeling like you can’t breathe properly
* Feeling a heaviness around you and in your home.
* Ice cold areas in your home that are heated or usually warm
* Peoples moods start to change to negative behaviour and arguments can ensue
* Disturbed sleep or nightmares 
* Feeling you are being watched or followed
* A foul smell that you cannot find the cause 
* You may see apparitions
* You may see flickers of things in your peripheral vision
* Hearing footsteps and no one is there
* Doors closing and rapping on walls. 
* Orbs may start showing up in your photographs
* Lights and electrical appliances being turned on and off randomly
* Items being moved around your home or going missing

As I work for The Creator of All That Is, part of my job is to help all entities, lost, fallen, waywards and disembodied,

into the Light of the Holy Spirit. They are then healed, learn lessons and grow before reincarnating to earth.
The Law of Compassion allows this opportunity  for healing the sacred earth to exist and continue.

I highly recommend this service if you are purchasing or selling a home!

If you are experiencing three or more of the things listed above, then it would be beneficial to have a house and land clearing and blessing. I advise that you never talk to or try to communicate with these disembodied entities in your home as you give them more power over you by doing this. Do not play with an Ouija board or black magic of any type. These are dangerous and open up dimensional portals that you will not be able to handle. These are not games and need to be given the respect they deserve to keep yourself and loved ones safe. This means do not become involved!

I have been clearing people, houses and land for 20 years and I offer remote clearings and blessings by connecting with you and your home or business through Skype or FaceTime calls. The clearing includes the Residential family home, all outbuildings on the property, the land, the family who live there, family vehicles, all radiation and all material possessions in the home. This is followed by a blessing from the Creator of All That is and a shield of protection put in place filled with positive affirmations and intentions for the success, prosperity, health and wellbeing of the home and all who live within it.

I offer business clearings and blessings which includes, the business premises, the land, outbuildings attached to the business, the owner, all staff, all fixtures and fittings, all other equipment, vehicles attached to the business and all radiation. This is followed by a blessing with positive affirmations and intentions for the success, prosperity, health and wellbeing of the business and all who serve within it.

I am usually very successful with clearings, but I do not guarantee that your house, land or business will remain clear if the following activities are carried on or continue: Disruption to the land like construction, holding rituals of a negative intention, death on a property, constant fighting or substance abuse or dabbling in the dark arts.

Fees for service
Residential Property:  From $250.00 depending on the circumstances.
Business:  From $400.00 depending on the circumstances.


When my daughter told me there was a ghost child in our house who liked to sit in her room I wasn't really sure what I was supposed to do. I was referred to Nantah and agreed to a clearing not really knowing what was involved. When I first met Nantah I remember feeling like I had known her for a long time. I was immediately comfortable.
Throughout the clearing process Nantah explained what she was doing and how the spirit world 'works'.
 I found the experience fascinating and was surprised by the emotion I felt as my ghost child visitor passed into the light.

Since then I have recommended Nantah to others who have been equally happy with the advice and positivity that she offers. Thank you Nantah for being such a good friend and for sharing your positive energy and many gifts. ​

Lisel,    Sydney